Air Hygiene University

stack emissions monitoring

Air Hygiene University supports the mission and values of Air Hygiene, Inc. and defines the future of stack testing by creating the best educated work force, solidly grounded in the essential basics of the industry and trained to utilize the latest in revolutionary technology.

Constantly striving to be recognized globally as the worldwide leader in Stack Testing Training, AHU has developed a baseline foundation and curriculum that allows employees to proactively improve; which results in fewer test errors, higher final product quality, reduced staff turnover, and predictable growth potential for the organization.

Using a unique indoor emissions testing facility, practice stack, and over 15 years of real-world field testing experience, AHU’s class work combines customized training modules focusing on presentation, testing, resource utilization, and hands-on experience.  The knowledge from each module can then be combined to provide a final capstone, Demonstration of Competency in the subject matter of interest. 

Students who complete the battery of modules are capable of immediately applying their new found knowledge to practical field applications and also gain important insights that apply to gaining Federal certifications through Qualified Individual examinations.

With a variety of topics that range from Stack Setup to Analyzer Specific Maintenance and Crew Management Techniques to Tips for Better Client Interaction, each graduate of the program is ready to face the ever growing challenges specific to our industry.

We can also offer coursework that is tailor made to meet your emissions testing training needs. If you have questions, please contact us.