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Posted : Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Thursday, March 7, 2024

What's New with Air Hygiene | February 2023

Darin Biggs

What's New With Air Hygiene | February 2023




Air Hygiene Construction (AHC) has taken our Mobile Lab Customization to a new level.  Our team has taken a 12 year old trailer with over 240,000 miles on it and did a complete overhaul/upgrade. See our before picture and the goal picture below. Stay tuned for the final Mobile Lab pictures coming in next newsletter. 


This will be AHC’s 50th mobile lab remodel, but first of its kind to rebuild from the frame to final finish as we expand our growing services to both Air Hygiene Testing Operations, test cells for manufacturers, and our clients with internal test teams across the USA. AHC has been building/integrating mobile test labs since 2000 and customized/integrated the following …


  • 30 new mobile trailer labs
  • 35 new mobile testing racks
  • 50 mobile trailer lab remodels
  • 5 mobile test cell buildings


Contact Air Hygiene Quote Team for additional construction option details and quote. 






February Monthly Milestones


Taylor Williams - 12 years

Michael Wilmott - 4 years





January Employee of the Month


Russell Dorris

Lab Field Technician 



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