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Posted : Tuesday, July 25, 2023
Edited By : Darin Biggs
Tuesday, August 22, 2023

What's New with Air Hygiene | July 2023

Darin Biggs

What's New With Air Hygiene | July 2023




Air Hygiene's Mobile Lab Construction Update

Customized Gas Chromatograph Mobile Lab for HRVOC Testing



Air Hygiene Construction Department has completed construction and integration of our latest custom testing solution testing lab. This mobile lab is designed to measure HRVOC's and other flare applications by integrating a Rosemount 700 XA GC with detectors designed for HRVOC and H2S emissions. The key goal was to perform testing per the Texas Administrative Code. Title 30, Part 1, Chapter 115, subchapter H (Highly Reactive VOC) Division 1 – Vent Gas control per Rule §115.725. 









July Monthly Milestones


Wade Nesom - 4 years

Kaleb Dodd - 1 year 

Bradley Wright - 1 year 



June Employee of the Month


Michael Stockwell

Sr. Regional Supervisor

Broken Arrow, OK






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