Basics of RATAs at Natural Gas Fired Plants

Air Hygiene University has developed several two-day “refresher” training courses to help serve both its internal and external clients.

Are successful relative accuracy test audits (RATAs) at your natural gas fired power plant critical to your environmental, operations, and budgetary success? Of course they are! Do you have the time or money to perform them more often than necessary? Of course you don’t! Take advantage of this training to find out the tips and keys to being as prepared as possible for your next RATA. The training also discusses RATAs from the perspective of the emissions testing company and helps you to help them have a better chance at successful testing year after year after year.

Reliable and affordable emissions testing training is tough to find. Let the professionals at Air Hygiene University help by scheduling times to take one of our existing courses or catering a course to specifically fit the needs of your organization. We are just an email or phone call away.

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