Stack Test Observer Training

Air Hygiene University has developed several five-day “in-depth” training courses to help serve both its internal and external clients.

As an observer of stack testing you might feel like you have all of the required regulatory knowledge, but lack the practical hands-on experience. Is reading about equipment in a book leaving you still lacking in an understanding of how it works? If the answer to either of the above it true for you, then this class will provide you with helpful insights into many of the practical aspects of field testing and the links between equipment, its use, and the regulatory language. You will have the opportunity to prepare, conduct, and clean isokinetic testing trains with hints along the way regarding the mistakes and missteps that can easily be made by anyone not well practiced in proper techniques or versed in regulatory language.

Reliable and affordable emissions testing training is tough to find. Let the professionals at Air Hygiene University help by scheduling times to take one of our existing courses or catering a course to specifically fit the needs of your organization. We are just an email or phone call away.

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